The DAYBOOK | Liturgical 2019 Sapphires & Platinum disc bound edition is here!

What happens when you marry traditional with modern planner elements? You end up with something amazing, friends. Now with disc binding, DAYBOOK is everything you never knew you always wanted. And prices start at $45. Subscribe to Catholic Sistas and receive an additional $5 off the pre-order discount!


Ok, so what am I really getting with DAYBOOK? Take a peek!


Fully Catholic

Daily Mass readings, feast days (OF & EF), Ignatian daily examen, rosary prompts, saint quotes, spiritual growth diary, and MORE!

Fully customizable

Now with disc binding, DAYBOOK offers you everything you never knew you always wanted. So, you go ahead and move those pages around until it's uniquely and completely YOURS.

Support Catholic Sistas

Your purchase of DAYBOOK helps support the good work of Catholic Sistas, a 100% volunteer run apostolate.

What friends are saying about DAYBOOK

Lisa S., MN

This is my first year using DAYBOOK and I love the extra spaces which I use for meal planning, a to do list, and school. I loved being able to color my cover and add extra personalization like tabs.

Maggie W., IL

I’ll never use another planner! I started using DAYBOOK about six months ago and am hooked! After utilizing a cloud-based calendar for many years, I decided it wasn’t for me and sought out on a mission to find the perfect planner. This is it! Not only does it provide ample space to plan out my life (plus the lives of my four children), but it’s also yet another way to carry my faith with me all throughout each day. I find great joy in using this planner! Thank you, Catholic Sistas!

Hollee S., VA

I have been homeschooling since ‘99 and Catholic Sistas’ DAYBOOK has been one of the most important additions in recent years that has helped me organize my family’s daily life and homeschooling. I am so much better prepared for each week now that I am using it and wouldn’t start a school year without it!