Planning and praying - they go hand in hand more than you'd think, friend.

Good systems, processes, and organizing lend themselves to more peaceful time with God in prayer. I know this because I've seen and lived both sides. I once thought it impossible to really get my act together, and be on top of the day-to-day grind with my vocation. I lived day-to-day because I didn't know how to get ahead of the ball. It took its toll on my mental health and in turn affected my ability to just "mom" or "wife" well. My mind churned with how do I get out from under this?

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you are a mom of a large family and facing the same challenges. Or maybe you're just ready to make some simple changes to your spiritual life so that you don't become the mom of a large family facing these changes, lol. Wherever you are, you can make tomorrow better.

This was the foundational thought process that led to my creating Catholic Through The Year products, from which DAYBOOK was ultimately born. When you make your purchase of any CTTY product, you are supporting the good work of Catholic Sistas, a 100% volunteer run apostolate. For that, I thank you. You are helping keep the lights on and we appreciate you so much!