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Martina Kreitzer, foundress of Catholic Sistas

It wasn't until I was a couple of years into making and selling Catholic planners that it finally sunk in...and...clicked. There was a disconnect between the chaos and lack of organization in my life because I didn't know HOW to plan. When I first started creating Catholic planners (then called Catholic Through The Year), I had some idea of what I wanted, but really it was a learn-as-you-go process, satisfied with the progress with each released version. I always promised myself I'd do more with the next version of the planner. And I did. But the planner was not quite where I wanted it to be until DAYBOOK came about.

I don't know about you, but I expect a LOT from my Catholic planner. I wanted it to be so chockfull of Catholic elements that turning the pages felt like I was in some kind of Catholic planner candy store! And so that has been the approach that I've taken. I wanted it to work for the Novus Ordo Mass goer every bit as much as the Traditional Latin Mass goer, which is why I feature elements from both calendars. I wanted it to function for every Catholic woman - single, married, large families, growing families, college students, homeschooling families, working women.

And while I know no planner will meet the needs of every Catholic woman because we all have different tastes and needs, I really feel like DAYBOOK delivers to that spiritual sweet spot in a truly unique way for the majority of Catholic women.

At the end of the day, it has to function best for YOU - and that will look different from anyone else who owns DAYBOOK.

When traditional planner elements are married with bullet journal elements, combined with disc binding, YOU now have a planner that work best for YOUR Catholic life.

Do you have an idea or suggestion for DAYBOOK? I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email at [email protected] and let's talk!